Meaning of scents

Baby Powder - Calmness and health Bayberry - For money, protection, control Basil - For lover, weatlth, protection, peace & harmony Bergamot - To attract money, uplift spirits Cinnamon - For money, purifying, stimulating Coconut - For protection and chastity Frankincense & Myrrh - For purification, protection, healing Gardenia - For Love, peace and healing Honeysuckle - money, psychic powers Jasmine - For love, money, dreams Lavender - cleansing, healing, love Patchouli - For love, growth, mastery Rose- Love, fertilitiy, house-blessing Sage - For wisdom, purification and clarity Sandalwood - Protection, healing, spirituality Sweet Clover - Love and faithfulness Strawberry - Love, luck Tea Tree - eleminate confusion, increase harmony Vanilla - Mental powers Violet - Protection, love, luck Ylang Ylang - Love, euphoria, harmony

Host a Party: · Have an Online Party or Catalog Party and earn up to 25% in free candles or up to 15% $$$. Just email us at and we will assign you a hostess number and email you a postcard for you to forward to your friends. Then your friends go to the link on the email and shop. Your party can last from 1 week to 10 days. Your guest simple put your hostess number on their order and you get the credit. After your party is over and all orders are paid, we will email you with your total and you can decide if you would like free candles or the money.

Benefits of Soy Candles Soy Candles have many benefits and are becoming very popular. Our Soy Candles are: ·non-toxic ·produce no carcinogens ·made from all natural soy wax ·made from the soybean ·It is a renewable resource that helps American farm industry ·They are biodegradable ·Produce no soot ·burn 30-50% longer than paraffin candles ·is a healthy choice


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